Designed by STEINWAY & SONS in collaboration with renowned furniture designer William Faber, the ESSEX has been created as a tribute to the idea that beautiful piano styles and finishes should be possible in every price range.

The entry into the line of STEINWAY-DESIGNED Grands, ESSEX is manufactured globally and incorporates STEINWAY & SONS’ latest design specifications and engineering standards, as well as the STEINWAY commitment to excellence. Every ESSEX instrument is inspected by a team of highly experienced Steinway & Sons trained technicians before it leaves the factory.


The special case of the grand piano, called the rim, reveals the design legacy of Steinway & Sons behind the Essex. The rim contributes to the stability of the piano, offering support for the soundboard. The Essex grand piano outer rim is made of laminations of European Maple (Acer platanoides) while the inner rim is made of laminated European Beech (Fagus sylvatica).

The wide-tail design featured on all Essex grands is a special innovation by Steinway & Sons that creates 6% more surface area in the soundboard. This enriches the sound, giving the pianist the impression of playing on a larger instrument. The larger soundboard area also allows for better placement of the bass bridge — which yields more volume, greater tone, and a bass that sings.

Like all pianos designed by Steinway & Sons, the Essex contains a soundboard of solid, premium grade, straight-grained spruce chosen for its superb acoustic qualities. It also features a special tapered profile that is thicker in the treble and thinner in the bass, enabling freer vibration and better tonal volume.

Designed by Steinway & Sons, the plate is cast from gray iron and over engineered to provide strength to support 20 tons of string tension. Long-fiber cast iron creates a very dense plate, which does not absorb energy and yields a fuller tone.


STEINWAY & SONS, recognises the difficult challenges faced in the wake of the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus. To better serve our customers, we are now offering online purchasing from the convenience of your home.


ESSEX EGP-173C Classic Grand

The EGP-173C or “Classic Grand” is the style by which all others are judged. This Classic Sheraton design has withstood the test of time for over 100 years since it was first introduced by Steinway & Sons in 1900.


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