GP-163 PE

Introducing the new Performance Edition II by BOSTON, featuring a Pomelle Sapele veneer on the inside rim (ebony pianos only), bronze-painted and lacquered plate, black felts, and a rescaled bass and treble strings.

The BOSTON PE II builds on the best-in-class features that Boston is known for, including a Hard Rock Maple inner rim and Octagrip™ pinblock. At 5′ 4″ (163 cm), the GP-163 Performance Edition is small enough to fit in any home, but possesses the sound of a much larger grand — thanks to its widetail design.

BOSTON GP 163 PE Features

  • Hard Rock Maple Inner Rim
  • Octagrip® Pinblock
  • Tapered Solid Sitka Spruce Soundboard
  • Mapes Bass Strings
  • All Wooden Action Parts
  • Casters with Double Brass Wheels

  • Polished Brass Hardware

  • Slow-Fall Fallboard

  • Full Sostenuto

  • Locking Top and Fallboard

  • Classic Coved Top

  • Lower Tension String Scale for Increased Tonal Clarity, Depth, & Sustain

  • Sapele Pommele Veneer on Inside Rim (on Ebony grands)

  • Available in High Polish: Ebony, Mahagony, Walnut, White
    Satin: Ebony, Mahagony, Walnut



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